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About Debbie
I am a professional Psychic Medium, psychotherapist, workshop presenter, ordained minister, teacher, public speaker and author.  I am certified as a medium and spiritual counselor through the Arthur Ford International Academy of Mediumship at Delphi University. I have received training at the Arthur Findlay College in London, England and in Lily Dale, N.Y. I am ordained through the International University of Metaphysics. I am also ​publishing a book, The Grief Revolution Revolution with ADCOtherapy which gives a new way to address grieving through the combination of traditional psychotherapy and mediumship.​  

My life, however, started out on and entirely different path. Given a flutophone at the age of seven and subsequently composing music with it, became the foundation of my first career. Soon I was receiving piano and flute lessons. By the age of twelve I was teaching piano to other neighborhood kids for the grand amount of 50 cents a lesson. Eventually I went on to be a music major, obtain a Bachelor of Science in Education and became a public school music teacher.

During my years as a music teacher I decided counseling was the next area I wanted to pursue. After receiving a Masters in Counseling Services I held positions as a school counselor and college administrator. 

I have always had a love of psychology and theology. This motivated me to obtain a Master of Social Work and become a licensed social worker. I then held positions in mental health and addictions treatment as a psychotherapist.
Outside of work I was introduced to the the energy world of psychics, mediums, tarot and reiki. A world I never knew existed. After receiving my first tarot card reading which was stunningly accurate, I became curious about the cards and decided I would like to learn how to read them. I took some classes and started doing tarot readings, first for free and then for donations. Soon my psychic abilities started to emerge as I was doing these readings. I would lay the cards down and then get images in my mind's eye about the circumstances in the person's life. As the cards became unnecessary (as I was getting the information directly from Spirit) I became aware that I could be a channel in this manner. 
Around this time I also discovered I was a medium. It happened when I was invited to a group meditation with people I just met who gave me my second tarot reading. I had practiced meditation and had many spiritual experiences for many years prior to this but never had the experience with a group. I really didn't know what to expect. During that group meditation one of the participant’s departed loved ones made themselves known to me. At the time it was a bit startling and turned out to be a life-changing event. During this same period, to fulfill my spiritual yearnings, I became an ordained metaphysical minister by receiving a Bachelor's degree in Metaphysics and later on went on to complete the master's and doctorate.

Back in the mainstream world, I combined my years of experience in education and social services and secured a position in the training field. I became a training administrator for a social services agency. Speaking to groups of employees, giving workshops and presentations while coordinating the functions of the department became my duties. For many years I was a Training Manager by day and a Psychic Medium in the evening and on weekends. 

As with any of my previous endeavors, being well-versed about my work is important to me. On the way to deciding whether being a Psychic Medium was the next stage in my career, I completed the Spiritual Insight Training workshops in Lily Dale, New York at the Fellowships of the Spirit Lakeside Learning Center. After that I went on to become certified as a medium at at the Arthur Ford School at Delphi University of Spiritual Studies. Knowing that mediumship has a long and valued history in England and wanting to expand my knowledge and experience, I studied at The Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, England just outside of London. 

Today my experience as a counselor and psychotherapist merge very well with my abilities as a Psychic Medium. I employ a holistic approach in my work. I use my psychic abilities, my mediumship skills, my psychotherapy knowledge, and most important, I use my connection with Spirit as the foundation for the information you receive readings and in presentations.

I believe learning should be fun. For this reason, my workshops, presentations and classes are both humorous and informational. Hopefully when you leave you have had an enjoyable time while learning a few things here and there.

My desire for every reading is that it is accurate, heartfelt and helpful while being filled with compassion and kindness as you receive insights about your life situations and communication with deceased loved ones. I hope that your session with me will be a source of guidance, growth and fulfillment.

About Debbie Pakler Psychic Medium
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