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Upcoming Events


Message Circle
7 - 9 p.m.
3rd Wednesday of each month

 Cancelled due to coronavirus precautions. 
New dates and location coming soon.

The format includes a discussion on a metaphysical topic, guided meditation, sharing messages, and a group activity. A great opportunity to use your intuitive abilities with others. An environment conducive for learning and growing. Have fun - bring a friend! $20

Upcoming Outside Events
Ongoing Monthly Events

Books and Discussions
3rd Tuesday of each month
6:30 - 7 :30 p.m.  

Outside Ongoing Monthly Events
C.C. Mellor Memorial Library
Edgewood Branch
One Pennwood Avenue
Edgewood, PA 15218
(412) 731-0909
Blooming Spirit Metaphysical Book Club​
A psychic reading can be a good investment. For example, it can provide you with important insights about your life situations, connect you with your loved ones in spirit, and uncover issues that you may not realize influence your life. Today readers come from all walks of life. Rarely are psychics, mediums, and other readers found in dimly lit
rooms with flashing, neon signs that advertise their craft. Many are nurses, psychologists, teachers, and others who have developed a gift and wish to share it with others. In this class, you will receive tips that will help you develop the latest methods and achieve the best outcome, including how to find a good reader, criteria of a good reading, preparations to make prior to your reading, what you can do during a reading to ensure a good outcome, why your attitude really does matter and much more. Join us, and get the best psychic reading of your life! 

Free Virtual Workshop
Library is closed.
Event cancelled due to coronavirus precautions.