Psychic Medium Debbie Pakler, PhD
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Private Readings
Video readings are available. If you don't have video access, you can do a reading by telephone. Most people find telephone readings are as effective as video readings. If you would like to schedule a reading call me or contact me using the 'Schedule an Appointment' form (see below).  Payment must be made before all appointments.You will receive an invoice by email. 
Gallery Readings (Large Group Readings)
Gallery Readings are done with a gathering of people where every person is willing to participate in an gallery exhibition (theater-type seating) of psychic mediumship. Information will be in short messages (not a full reading) to many participants. Not every person will get a message or a chance. Some information may be about personal issues, some will be from deceased loved ones. Gallery Readings are intended for large groups. Some suggested locations are universities, churches, banquet facilities and fire halls. Minimum 20 people, there is no maximum. Please contact me to make arrangements.
​(Please note: there may be a deposit required*)

15-minute Individual Telephone Reading                        $35    
(For psychic not mediumship readings)     
30-minute Individual Video Reading                                 $75
Energy Balance
Although my work as a medium and a minister stems from my desire to serve Spirit, I also request donations (as listed above) for my work. This provides for an equal exchange and helps maintain balance in the world of energy. A certain amount of my work is done on a volunteer basis in very specific situations of my choice.

Parties are done in a client's home or another setting (a restaurant, for example). Each person at the party receives an individual reading. The host(ess) of the party provides a quiet and private place for the readings. Minimum 6 people. Depending on the distance, there may be an additional travel fee. Please contact me to make arrangements. (Please note: there may be a deposit required*)
Psychic Medium Debbie Pakler Readings

If the event is cancelled by the host/ess, the deposit is non-refundable. If for any reason the reader (Debbie) would have to cancel, we would need to find another date within 2 months from the event date and your deposit would still apply to the readings for the new date. If we cannot find a date within that length of time, the deposit will be non-refundable and forfeited. For parties, the agreement is for no less than 6 people, for group readings, the agreement is for no less than 8 people, for gallery readings the agreement is for no less than 20 people. If you have less than that some/all of the deposit will go toward payment for the fewer readings. If all minimum requirements are met for parties, group or gallery readings, you will have the choice of having your deposit will refunded or applied to payment for readings at the time of the event.

Psychic Mediums receive personal information about your life as well as connections with your loved ones in spirit. Readings offer spiritual views to problems and suggestions regarding actions you can take to get on your path toward your goals and dreams in all areas of your life and the opportunity to communicate with your deceased loved ones.

By the end of your reading you may have insights about:
People, relationships and situations
Your next steps in life
​Your job, your coworkers, your boss
Your finances
Your love life
Your deceased loved ones
Please include the length of reading you would like, whether you would like your reading to be by video or telephone, and any information you would like me to know.
Individual Readings ~ Parties ~ Gallery Readings
Gift Certificates are available for 30 or 45 minute individual readings (includes postage). 
Please complete the form below and include the following information:

                               ~Length of reading (30 or 45 minutes)
                               ~Type of reading: telephone or video
                               ~Number of certificates
                               ~Mailing address for your certificates (only one address)

You will be sent an invoice by email. Once payment is received your certificate(s) will be sent.​
Gift Certificate Order Form
45-minute Individual Video Reading                                  $125

Corona Virus Precaution
Due to the Corona Virus all readings will by telephone or online video.
Corona Virus Precaution
No Parties or Gallery Readings will be scheduled until further notice
Contact Form
30-minute Individual Telephone Reading                        $65
45-minute Individual Telephone Reading                            $115