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The Grief Revolution by Debbie Pakler, PhD
Award-winning Book!
The Grief Revolution
The Grief Revolution introduces a maverick new approach to grief treatment that will forever change the way you look at life, death, and the thin line between them.

The innovative methods discussed in this book combine traditional psychological concepts with new age spiritual practices to deliver a fresh, crisp, and comprehensive approach to therapy that addresses both the emotional and metaphysical concerns involved in grieving.

Debbie Pakler, PhD, holds a master’s degree in counseling and social work and a PhD in metaphysics. She is a licensed social worker and certified public school teacher and school counselor, as well as a certified medium and spiritual counselor. 
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Clinical Presentation of The Grief Revolution
Therapeutic interventions which are most beneficial for addressing grief are still being revealed to us. Research shows that traditional methods can be insufficient. In this workshop, we will discuss the groundbreaking ideas of how traditional therapeutic and metaphysical methods can merge to enhance and possibly reduce the pain and quicken the grieving process for clients. You will leave this workshop with an understanding of the history, research and limitations of traditional grief therapy and how incorporating metaphysical concepts in sessions with your grieving clients may be the combination needed for you to help your clients resolve their emotional pain. Come with an open mind. Leave with revolutionary methods to add to your therapy practice.

(Each participant will leave with their own copy of The Grief Revolution by Dr. Debbie Pakler)

Learning Objectives:
Participants will understand that grief behaviors and treatment have a cultural connection that changes over time
Participants will learn historical theories and models and the role they played in traditional grief 
Participants will discuss grief symptoms as found in DSM 5
Participants will understand various methods of after-death communication (ADC) and the benefits they have for clients
Participants will learn about the research outcomes of after-death communication in relation to grief resolution and various theoretical interventions
Participants will identify ways for integration of after-death communication in the therapeutic process using Adcotherapy

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